Impalnt is a titanium screw implanted  in the bone of the jaw or jaw itself,  replacing the root of the tooth. Introduced surgically in the alveolar bone, it allows to create  permanent prosthetic restoration – a crown, a bridge or a full dental arch in  cases of toothless patients. The material from which the implants are made are titanium alloys.   This metal has two important features from the perspective of the physiology of the human body:

  • It is tolerated by the body that does not see it as a “foreign body”
  • it is strong enough to replace the roots of natural teeth

The advantages of teeth implants:

  • They let you keep your healthy teeths
  • They give the opportunity of bite reconstruction and preserve the shape of the face
  • They prolong the full function of the oral cavity and positively influencing our digestive system and the health of the whole organism
  • They look and are treated like natural teeth
  • Their stability increases our mental comfort and self-confidence

In the long run, they are more economically justified.