• Dental surgery is a field of medicine dealing with oral cavity surgery, including surgical procedures of the teeth and jaw bones.  It is a subspecialty of dentistry.
  • The scope of procedures performed by a dental surgeon, a maxillofacial surgeon and an ENT specialist can be wide and depends on the skills possessed by the operator.

The most frequently performed dental surgery procedures in our clinic are:

  • teeth extractions, extraction of retained teeth, extraction of teeth of wisdom
  • treatments in the field of dental implantology
  • uncovering teeth retained in the arch during the course of orthodontic treatment
  • aesthetics of oral connections with maxillary sinus
  • treatments to remove mucosal changes
  • undercutting lip frenulum and tongue
  • treatments at the maxillary sinus
  • prophylaxis and oncological diagnostics of the head and neck
  • cyst removal operations