Cortical dental implants – basal implants – bcs implants – permanent dental implants in 3 days

"A very important factor in the case of basal implants is the low invasiveness of the method. The introduction of the bicortical screw does not require deep surgical intervention and the opening of the mucoperiosteal flap. Therefore, no postoperative wound arises and the person undergoing treatment does not suffer from pain."

Permanent teeth in 3 days – Professor Stefan Ihde method

"A dental implant is a kind of artificial tooth root. Traditional, two-phase implants are anchored in the spongy bone, the inner layer in the bone structure. However, with aging or as a result of diseases such as osteoporosis, the spongy bone may disappear. Implants in 3 days and the method of Immediate Load Implantation bypass this layer of bone tissue and use the cortical bone to anchor the tooth implant."

Bicon dental implants

"A very important factor when choosing a given implant system is the adequately long term presence of the system in the market. The more experience-verified solution, the greater the chance for full patient satisfaction."

How to take care of dental implants?

"After implantation, it is necessary to establish a calendar of control visits, thanks to which the doctor will be able to verify the actual level of oral hygiene and also control the process of plaque build-up. "


"The healing process of tissues at the interface with the surface of the implant is in fact a complex interaction between the newly formed bone callus and the surface layers of titanium dioxide. "