We offer dental implant treatment for  toothless patients and  those who  are using dentures  that  don’t provide full comfort . In our clinic, we use basal implants otherwise called single-phase implants , cortical dental implants or bcs implants.

Basal dental implants treatment includes the following stages:

  • Examination with diagnostic procedures: panoramic photograph, computed tomography, diagnostic impressions ended with a joint determination of the treatment plan.
  • Treatment day with preparation of the oral cavity – removal of teeth, implantation, taking impressions for prosthetic work, X-ray control. During one visit.
  • Metal fitting (1 day after implantation)
  • Implants fitting, acceptance of the shape and color of teeth (1 or 2 days after implantation)
  • Immediate loading procedure with a permanent prosthetic  restoration
  • (2- 3 days after implantation)
  • End of treatment
  • Treatment time: 3-4 days,  number of meetings:  4-5

More information on bicortical implants can be found in the article: