Cortical implants are becoming more and more popular. This happens for a reason – from the patient’s point of view, cortical implants have some very important advantages. First, we have to mention the short duration of the course of treatment: 3-4 calendar days is not a promise, but confirmed by many years of clinical experience fact. It is important ability to use BCS implants in the elderly, as well as in people suffering from bone atrophy and smokers.

The low invasiveness of the method is also of great importance – deep surgical intervention is not required in oral tissues, which naturally shortens the time of treatment, without causing extensive post-operative wounds and pain healing accompanying them.

Backing the implant on a hard, cortical bone layer allows immediate fixing of the crown. The patient does not have to wait for the wound around the implant to heal. An important advantage of the bicortical implants is also the reduced risk of peri-implantitis and peri-implant bone loss.

When cortical dental implants suits just fine?

Dental works based on cortical implants are used primarily to rebuild entire dental arches, this applies to both the mandible and the jaw. In other words – you can not rebuild the upper dental arch without reconstructing the lower arch, and vice versa. This is of fundamental importance because the absence of an opposing arch causes the bone to weaken and the implant to become loose. The bones in which the implant is attached must work and in this way their growth and reconstruction will be stimulated.

In some cases, it is possible to rebuild individual teeth, but this requires an individual medical consultation.

Full Mouth Reconstruction based on cortical implants, performed by Przychodnia Drozdowski


Summary. The most important advantages of BCS bikortic implants are:

  • extremely short treatment time: 3-4 days
  • the possibility of using BCS implants in elderly patients suffering from bone atrophy and smokers
  • low invasiveness of the method – no deep surgical intervention is required in the oral tissue
  • the support of the implant on the cortical bone layer allows immediate implantation of the implant prosthesis
  • works on bcs implants are used primarily for the reconstruction of entire arches
  • you can not rebuild one arch without reconstructing the correct opposite arch – lack of opposing teeth causes instability of implants over time
  • teeth are rebuilt from “six” to “six”
  • “sevens” and “eights” are not being rebuilt
  • the bite is based on the “four” and “five” premolars and the first molar of the “six”
  • in some patients it is possible to reconstruct a single front teeth – after the surgeon evaluates occlusal conditions